Dayton School

November Events

  • November 18-20: Parent Teacher Conferences Happy Fall
  • November 25: 1st and 2nd Grade Classroom Lunch
  • November 27: NO SCHOOL
  • November 28: NO SCHOOL - Happy Thanksgiving

Meals for the Wood Family

The Board Trustee Chairwoman of the Upper West Shore Dayton School district, Jessi Wood, recently shared with our school family that her husband, Marcelle, is facing a medical health challenge that will require intensive chemotherapy beginning April 22, 2019. We asked for permission to support them with meals and a medical savings account. This is our opportunity to say, "Thank you, for your service to the school this past year," and "We are with you" as they travel this difficult journey.

Link for meals:

Ms. Peterson's Kindergarten on the 100th day of school.

100 days smarter! Ms. Peterson's Kindergarten on the 100th day of school.

Dayton Daze Parade 2018.
Dayton Daze Parade 2018. Winner of Best Children's Float!

Dayton Elementary is a K-6th school located in Dayton, Montana. The school serves the communities of Proctor, Dayton, and Rollins.

Dayton School

Dayton School was built in 1910. According to student research, Dayton School is the oldest continuously operational school in the state!
UPPER WEST SHORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT #33 was formed through consolidation of School Districts 24 (Proctor), 36 (Dayton), and 41 (Rollins), July 1, 1972. Learn more about our school by visiting these links. history 1 | history 2 | history 3 | history 4