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43662 B. Street

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Dayton, MT  59914


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Dynamite Dragonite October Newsletter

School Expansion Project - Meeting with Consultant - Tuesday, October 25th

There will be a meeting with Consultant Nick Salmon on Tuesday, October 25th at 5 pm at the school to discuss Nick’s report on the proposed school expansion. We encourage all parents and community member to attend to discuss the report and the next steps.
Click Here to view the report.

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Dayton Elementary School is a K-6th school located in the town of Dayton, Montana.
The school serves Proctor, Dayton and Rollins.
There are six teachers, each teaching multiple grades in a small classroom setting.
There are 54 students enrolled this year, and we are energized and excited to teach all of these wonderful scholars!

Dayton Daze Parade 2016. Winner of Best Children's Float!

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Dayton School
43662 B. Street  - Dayton , Montana 59914
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