I was raised in Helena, Montana after my father retired from the military. I grew up saying I was going to be a teacher in the Air Force. After graduating from Capital High School in 2009, I left for basic training down in Texas. Shortly after, I was medically discharged and unable to serve. A few months after being home I moved to Bozeman, Montana and became a dog groomer. 4 years later I enrolled in college to become a teacher, I later found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I then decided to stay grooming dogs, it still is something I love. 3 years after moving to New Mexico and opening my own grooming business we decided there is no place like Montana and being closer to family. We moved to Ferndale in 2019 and bought our property south of Lakeside in January of 2020. I regularly volunteered in my daughters kindergarten classroom at Bigfork and I loved working with the students. I had great teachers throughout my life that instilled a love of learning and exploring, I still do. With technology I am able to obtain my teaching degree while still being at home with my family and in the classroom supporting students. My goal is to be the type of teacher that my daughter needs, the type of teacher that all students need. I want to instill a drive in them to do their very best, to continue to ask questions, to understand that they have the resources to continue to learn, for them to feel like they belong and that they have someone at school that cares about them. Working as a paraprofessional is giving me hands on training with amazing educators to meet those goals. I look forward to many years at Dayton watching the students grow.