On March 6, 2019, Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Sciaretta and his Belgian Malinois K9 partner, Max, visited Dayton Elementary. Students in grades K-6 had many questions for Deputy Sciaretta as a result of their career studies research. Also, in connection with their reading curriculum, third grade students recently engaged in an in-depth study of K9 officers, making Deputy Sciaretta’s and Max’s visit extra special. After giving students some facts about Max, Deputy Sciaretta demonstrated Max’s specialized skills to smell and locate certain items. The two law officers regularly use this skill to locate illegal drugs. Students learned that Max’s primary job in law enforcement is to use is impressive ability to smell and locate drugs. Deputy Sciaretta answered students questions on a variety of topics including how and where Max trains, what types of hand and verbal commands are used, how Max safely rides in the police vehicle, what type of protective gear Max uses on the job, and where the money comes from to pay for Max and all his needs. Some students had the opportunity to explore Max’s area in the police vehicle and even sit next to him in the back seat.

We are so thankful to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Sciaretta, and Max for taking time to visit our students and educate all of us on our local K9 deputy, Max. Visits such as theirs help make classroom learning last a lifetime!