Hello! My name is Cheryl Muri and I am a wife, a mother, and a life-long learner. My husband, Bret, and I have 3 grown children and we are in the midst of moving from Las Vegas to our family home in Rollins. 2 of our kids will remain in Las Vegas and our youngest lives in San Francisco. We hope to convince them to join us here.

I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t teaching children. As the oldest child of 5 siblings, I loved helping my little brothers learn to walk, draw, make their beds, and read stories. As a teenager I began working in a daycare center and after a short time in college got married and became a mom. I homeschooled my kids, became a substitute teacher, taught Sunday School, led children’s ministry, taught Mad Science and preschool computer classes with Cranium Kids, hosted youth groups in our home, and finally decided to get my degree in education. I absolutely love helping children of all ages be creative, problem solve, discover, and grow in character as well as gain knowledge and understanding. I cannot imagine life without little ones around me.

I am passionate about creating things to solve a problem or make something better. I have a thousand ideas floating in my head of projects I’d like to tackle. I’m in my happy-place when I create with textiles. I love the feel of fabrics and cannot walk through JoAnns without touching every pretty bolt I pass by. This has led me to a quilting hobby. I began quilting by hand when my children were napping and eventually learned that machines can do beautiful work so I don’t need to walk around with calloused needle-fingers! My latest learning venture has been longarm quilting (putting the layers together with fancy patterns stitched through). This is me with my new longarm, named Olive, after my great grandmother.

This year I look forward to learning about Indian culture, how to drive in the snow, and all about plants native to this area. I have heard about, so am expecting, great family involvement, a close-knit community that helps each other, and a rewarding time in a classroom with only 13 or 14 kids!  I can’t wait to conference with students and help them set goals. I look forward to small group sessions where I know kids grow exponentially. I am glad to be here! 🥰