School Board

Board Chair: Jessi Wood
Trustee: Ben Adams
Trustee: Ron Tjaden
District Clerk: Duskie Dwelle


Regular school board meetings are scheduled on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Occasionally, meetings may be rescheduled. Special and work session meetings may be held on an as needed basis. All school board meetings are open to the public. A time will be provided in the agenda for members of the public to address agenda items as well as to comment on other issues. If you wish to have an item added to the agenda, please contact the board chair, the clerk, or cooperating lead teacher at least 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting. Meetings are posted a minimum of 24 hours before they occur. The school board is ultimately responsible for what happens in your school. The best way to stay informed about the workings of the school is to attend school board meetings.


Upper West Shore District 33, holds at least one election annually for trustees. If you wish to run for a seat on the school board, you must file a petition with the clerk at least 40 days prior to the regular school election on the first Tuesday in May. Any registered voter than lives within the district may be a candidate. Normally, a trustee’s term is three years, with one seat opening each spring. Dayton Elementary operates with a three-person board.