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Dayton School’s annual field day is scheduled for Friday April 27. Dayton has invited Valley View to our school for field day! Please have your children at school at 9:45 AM. Your child must wear athletic shoes and come dressed for physical activity! Remind your children to wear their Dayton Dragonite T-shirt. Please send a water bottle, sunscreen, and a snack

Dayton PTO will serve pulled pork for lunch. Valley View will provide the side dishes, with Dayton families bringing desserts. PTO will provide lemonade. With current enrollment at both schools taken into account, we are expecting 200 people.

Parent volunteers are needed! A variety of jobs need to be filled, from timing the track events and supervising fun events to working in the kitchen. This year we are asking for water bottle donations. We would like to provide a small water to all students participating in field day. See the sign up sheets on the PTO bulletin board.

MARKET DAY: Following track and field events, the Dayton Dragonite Micro Community will host their annual “Market Day." Students in grades 4th-6th will be working or operating a business and will be in the care of their homeroom teachers until 3:30 PM. Kindergarten - 3rd Grade will be dismissed at 1:00 PM and must be accompanied by an adult during market day, unless arrangements are made with their homeroom teacher. We encourage friends and family to come and support our students as they open their very first business! Community members may exchange real money for “Dayton Dollars” to spend at market and the proceeds will be donated to the Student Fund. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you Friday! 

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